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It’s been more than a year, most of us stuck in this odd work life — all remote. Those in India are finding their way out of the surge in covid, managing office and virtual schools with practically everyone learning as they spend another day. During this time, we found if we make certain hard commitments and get bound to them, they can practically liberate us.

We are a creature of habits, and whatever we may say, habits keep us sane.

Pandemic brought a lot of chaos and changes, thereby teaching us few lessons. In school and college learnt a…

It’s not routine for us to have guests like the one I am going to talk about. While they are around, I have never been a watcher.

One fine day, we woke up to pale chirping. I was looking around, searching on trees to spot something without luck. And then suddenly realised it’s coming from the corner a few inches away from me. Baby red vented bulbul dropped in just like that.

Backlogs, roadmaps are always talk-of-the tech-town. Recently that has changed a bit. With #Covid, it has obtained the seat at the table in most organisations and has expanded beyond just tech. Digital has a significant attention span from COOs and CEOs, with organisations pursuing digital capabilities for customers and employees.

This digital drive is good and not so good. I say it is good because with attention comes the focus and necessity required to fulfil the digital promise. It’s flip-side is now we are talking a lot more to people whose day jobs are not about digital. …

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The story of new year resolutions is well experienced by many, and I am no exception. Till four years back, I had a familiar routine. I would spend 1st of week January setting up the resolution and last two weeks of December identifying how life got hard on me, which resulted in unfulfillment. Bought several annual gym memberships, nice gear to get active, a lofty magazine subscription to stay updated and so on. Story of missed resolution continued year on year, and I had reached a level acceptance that resolutions are meant for not fulfilling.

This acceptance did the trick…

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2020 was an unusual year in every sense. A lot changed with lockdowns and uncertainty. The medical community was fighting an unknown battle, security forces trying to keep us safe from the invisible. Practically everyone was forced to reinvent, including vaccine cycles and teaching.

In the heightened stress situations, unfamiliar work territory, and uncertainty, books were the constant source of wisdom as usual. Coincidentally, books I could find myself reading were also about uncertainty, ambiguity, and how to respond to situations. I am sure it is not a coincidence, but just that choices are beyond my understanding at this point…

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Last few years I was getting more conscious about my calendar and was trying to get control over it. It felt like days come and go and I don’t even recollect what I did. It felt like I was just moving from task to task without knowing the purpose. Tried a few things like slowing down, writing it but no luck, it seems I was not(I still may not be to the extent I need to be) serious about it until Covid-19 told me how important it is to respect your own time.

It’s been a little over 2 months…

User Story is an almost ubiquitous form of requirements these days. Some organisations still write BRDs and FRS (large documents about functionality), but these are exceptions. The world has by far moved onto user stories in some or other form and is for good.

When I started, I used to write stories only with Acceptance Criteria which was in the form

xxx should be able to …

xxx should not be able to …

Over a period, I got wiser and better structure emerged.

Sometime back, I wrote this blog on identifying a unit story with user perspective. Here I…

Recently we finished a project which had challenging commitment written on it from day 1. During post project discussions I was surprised to hear what impact our physical story wall and sprint indicator had made on the team. At #ThoughtWorks along with open setup, physical storyboards form an integral part of our setup. Stand-ups, project tracking, mid iteration review usually refer these props. We strive to make our work-place as visual as possible to give necessary info at a glance.

Three practices which I have been using since few projects

Physical wall for a standup with column talking about today

Created using the sketchboard app

Recently we got Lego blocks for my 2 year old son. While buying it, I was a bit skeptical due to the large number and the different types of blocks. I was not sure how he would take it. It took him literally a minute to get engrossed into the game. In no time he figured out what to do with blocks and started creating shapes of 2 or 3 blocks. I was surprised at ease with which he mastered fitting lego blocks. Few weeks passed by and I think I enjoy it as much too ☺.

I have been…

Almost every software project nowadays deals with user stories for requirements and managing backlog. We estimate stories with some yardstick and try to find out how long it will take to complete the piece of functionality. Often times these estimates deviate from reality for variety of reasons causing projects to derail or raising questions on the mechanism.

Over a period of time, I moved from products to services and from one project to another. As a Business Analyst I was part of several estimation discussions and each of them was a new experience. I am no expert in this space…

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